Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Blog Follower and Planner Climbing

Nakakatuwa naman na may follower na ako other than my friend! Syempre happy na ako nun. Another milestone for me! Hehehe


Napapansin ko na yung mga coffee addict kong kakilala, kapag magpapasko, eh di magkanada-ugaga sa pangongongolekta ng stickers para sa mga planner ng starbucks or ng kahit ano pa mang coffee shop. Weird nga eh kasi yung ibang ndi naman umiinom ng kape eh nakiki-join na din! Nakakatulong ba talaga sa social status ng isang tao ang isang planner na galing sa starbucks? For me ha, sobrang mahal ng gagastusin mo just to have it. I always opt for the Jollibee planner or Watson's Journal (na nahihingi lang ng kapatid ko). Practical pero syempre ndi naman ako sila or sila ako, so la na lang pakielaman. Nagsasabi lang naman po ako ng opinyon :P


Medyo matagal ko nang hinahanap yung bagong office nung pagaaplyan kong trabaho. Sana lang, sa pagpasok ng bagong taon, ay makita ko na. Gusto ko na talagang magsubmit ng resignation letter ko >o<


Matatapos na nga kaya ang Naruto?

Feeling ko oo.

Saan ka ba naman nakakita ng mga main character na namamatay sa kalagitnaan ng series aber?! Well, if you're reading the manga, you'll also see a lot of signs like Naruto's parentage finally revealed, Jiraya's death, the prophecy finally being mentioned and the "baddest" of all the bad guys finally making an appearace.

So whatcha think?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I really need a break...

I just wish that it is possible to file a month long VL. I really need it! Why? Let me see....

1. My inbox is flooded and I have 3000+ emails that I have to read (or delete) hehe
2. Kahit office email ko ndi ko na nababasa lahat.
3. My health is suffering na din. Almost 2 weeks na akong may sakit :(
4. Na-miss ko na yung pillow ko!
5. Ndi ko na alam kung ano yung itsura ng mall (sa Cavite man or sa Manila). Baka maligaw ako sa loob kapag dumaan ako one of these days *shudders*
6. Miss ko nang mag-blog at magsurf nang dahil trip ko lang. Lately, kapag nagssurf ako, it because I need to look for a material of for some business related contact *blech*
7. Ummm... ndi na ako marunong magbilang? paulit ulin na yung number 3 ko kanina at muntik ko nang maipost ng ganun.
8. Miss ko na yung ibang parts ng bahay namin. Banyo na lang ata yung madalas kong makita dahil nakikiligo at nakikilagay lang ako ng damit lately.
9. have I mentioned na sabaw na yung utak ko? Ndi na tuloy ako makaisip ng number 9 at mas lalong alang number 10!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Countdown to Twilight the Movie

A few days and a month. That is the only thing that is seperating us from the chance to see this... this... I don't know how to put words to it! Anyway, I'll just edit this on Monday once my brain is back to work >o<


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Twilight IQ



To check your Twilight IQ :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

We Won!!!

I have uploaded some of the pictures and videos on my facebook account.

At first we thought that we'll have a difficult time adjusting to the size of the venue but during the rehersal prior to the program, everything was somehow sorted :)


Thanks to those who shared their vids and pics.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Very, Very Busy Me

Really sorry for not updating for a week or so now. The dance competition is on Friday and we are practicing like crazy!

Wish us luck! :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Losing Something Important and Gaining Unnecessary Stuff

About a week ago, I lost my player due to negligence on my part. I feel very bleak that time because I'm one of those people who can't function without listening to any music and it is my fault so I don't even bother thinking about replacing it. Looking back, I've already lost a couple of players including a second gen shuffle and my first ever generic mp3 player and even if all of them are really cheap and common, I still bought it from money that I earned! WAH!! I guess my family sensed my mood and my sister decided that she'll lend me her nano until I have enough to buy a new one <3

My only issue is that I'm quite meticulous in searching for something that involve players and cameras and I usually spent days surfing sites such as shopwiki and tipidpc and other similar shopping/reference sites that not only show where you could purchase the item but they also have guides and forums where you could post your questions and check infos on the product you want. It is time consuming but it is worth it. AND I MEAN IT!

I just really wish that my sister won't miss it after a month or so since this is how long I take take to review and make decisions for gadgets like these...


Because of many sleepless nights thinking of who might have taken my player, where could we practice for the dance competition AND how could I attend the practice sessions, I somehow gathered several temporary "moles" in my forehead. I'm talking about pimples here okay! @.@ They're ugly, they're big and I have a lot of them now! WAH! It looks like my forehead is experiencing a very fruitful harvest season for pimples >.<

Thank goodness for my sister whom we also call the health and beauty guru (HAHAHA), the pimples population seem to be in control right now. Let's just hope that come contest day, they'll be GONE!


And speaking of health and beauty, we've just discovered this makeup brand that is really cheap but does wonders! You should check out E.L.F. (EyesLipsFace.com). They have a wide range of products that's very easy on the budget :) For the actual buying part, if you prefer to do your shopping online, you may visit their site or shopwiki. However if you prefer to visit the mall and try it first, they're available in SM Department stores :P

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Randomness for this Weekend

If ever they'll confirm my trip to the UK, I'll definitely check out different hotels in Glasgow, Dorset and Cambridge. Why? Because I saw my college Prof's multiply site and he posted breathtaking pictures! There's also a picture of a hotel in Malaysia (if I remember correctly) that has a very nice architecture.

I really think that guy has almost everything: brains, money, the TALENT (for teaching and photography) and looks. He definitely looks cute for me in a rather dorky way [NOTE: I love dorky look! Ask any of my friends and they'll tell you that I really like guys who wears glasses]. :P


I really don't want to go anywhere this Saturday since I'll be having a 6-day work schedule this coming week. And I want to hibernate til Sunday afternood. HOWEVER I don't have any choice since I have to buy the fans that we'll be using for our dance. I really am in a pinch >.<>


I really want to sleep for more than 6 hours but my stupid body clock refuses to adjust to my new work schedule @.@ I am already thinking of asking a doctor for a prescription drug that I could take but my mama still insists that a glass of warm milk would make me sleep faster than any drug.


I do wonder though where I'll get the money to buy warm milk...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

HYDE's VAMPS and Halloween and DMC4

I've seen the video of Love Addict (I am so delayed >.<) and I'm still trying to decide if I like it or not. It's just so weird to see that vampire in the video...

I've read somewhere that HYDE always has something special for Halloween but does anyone know if this is one of the reason why his schedule for VAMPS is SOOOO hectic?


Does anyone know at what particular part of the game do they play Drink it Down? I mean I know that it is part of the OST for DMC4. But do they play it whenever there's a battle or is it just for the Op-Ed credits? I don't have any PS3 so I won't be able to check it as usual.

And on the subject of game consoles, I somehow checked tipidpc and SHOPwiki (my favorite online shopping reference tools :D) and since the price is still above the allowance allocated for miscellaneous expenses, it looks as if it would still take a loooooonngggggg time before I could purchase one. Hopefully, L'arc en Ciel would still be active by that time and they're still makes OSTs and singles for games and animes T.T


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Things I'll NEVER Forget Before Traveling Outside of the Country

As usual, because of my busy schedule, I was unable to post the details from our trip to Hong Kong. I've decided to split it into two or three. Some will focus on the concert and the whole HK experience and others will have the photos and the maps and other stuff that I got from there. THIS one however will serve as my primer (or a reminder to myself) as to what NOT to do/forget...

Before the Trip
We encountered several issues but the major ones will be passport delivery delay, choosing between a free place to stay [subject to space availability] or booking a
hotel, bagging the perfect airline tickets, finance and of course, the concert tickets!

Make sure that you have this before anything else! A concert or game ticket would be useless if you don't get your passport in time.

Airplane Tickets
If an airline have an ongoing promo, grab it and don't wait for others before you make the decision! It might be too late and I'm talking about several thousands here and not just hundreds.

There are a lot of ways to
book or look for one. The top and most obvious way is to look online. You may visit sites such as easytobook.com or the lonelyplanet just to have an idea as to what is available.

I know it is good to invest in a few quality luggage but lets be practical. If you think that the next time you'll need a luggage for travel would be five or ten years from now, then I suggest that you head to Baclaran, Divisoria or Quiapo and buy something really cheap and please, don't buy those bags that worth Php1x,xxx+!

Save up and plan! It is and will always be the best thing to remember.

I'll cut this short now since I'm already sleepy. But once my brain received the rest it so deserve, I'll edit this if there are more things that should be listed here.


From Japan with Love

I thought my day at the office would still be the same boring stuff however I was surprised when manong told me that a package arrived for me. Can you guess what it is? :D Wehehehe. It is the L'7 Tour phone strap that I've been waiting for ages O.O It is gorgeous and small and kawaii!

Special thanks to Debbie who bought this for me :)


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Where's my Mail?

I just so hate receiving late mails! When the postman makes a delivery, they just leave the letters by the gate instead of dropping it in our mailbox >.<

This got me thinking if we should change our
mailbox's size or perhaps we could setup multiple mail boxes. I saw this site that has lots of mailbox designs and I'm planning on replacing ours with something that is out of this site (or a lookalike). At least, it would be protected from the dogs AND the rain. However, I'm still unable to find a mailbox that is for a postman who refuses to look for a mailbox @.@

Friday, July 4, 2008

Claiming Stub

Technorati Profile

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Second Post for the Month!

Isn't this great?! I mean I am not a blog-type of person since I hate writing and I prefer reading other people rant and rave so I am surprised myself that this site is still alive after 7 months (wohoo!) A great accomplishment for a person who took a month just to write a short description for a friend for their school picture book :D

Surprisingly, I find this really relaxing instead of tedious and it distracts me from TONS of issues that would only give me more wrinkles than I care to have at my age. Things like work, the upcoming dance competition, applying for a second job: these are my daily toxins and the list could go on so I'll just stop with these three, okies?

Anyway, another thing I like about my current "routine" is that I am forced to check my grammar! hehehe. I don't have a perfect grasp on any of those grammatical mumbo jumbos so please bear with a few errors here and there. In fact, I would really appreciate it if you could point out these mistakes to me :)


My post lately was all about toys, my search for toys and more toys so I'm thinking of shifting the focus on my manga and anime fascination for the coming months or so since their days are numbered*.

*Explanation to be posted on a separate title since my brain is telling me that I should sleep or else my eyes would destruct in 10 seconds...

Treasure Box!

I have mentioned that I am currently infatuated with building sets and puzzles, right? Anyway, found this really neat site that showed me *finally* where the good, old fashioned toys could be found!

It is really, really neat and they even have the
hometown carnival set which is similar to my Happy Meal Ferris wheel. And if you'll visit their site, they even show what is the usual price range for the item you're searching for, all the stores that has it and the price per store! Online shopping made easier since you won't have to switch or bookmark different pages when comparing different offers :)

I think my luck is really improving with regards to these kind of stuff :D

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Ferris Wheel I've been Looking for

After a long time of asking fellow toy collectors about a ferris wheel toy free with every Happy Meal between 2000-2003, I was able to locate someone who is selling it. But first of, let me show you what it actually looks like...


The model on the right is a little bit small since you'll need a total of 50 set to create the ultimate ferris wheel model. I just wish that I have kept the brochure so that I could upload it >.<

Anyway, I'll contact the seller and check how many set he has and how much of course since if he'll charge a very ridiculous price, then I'll just settle for the building kits that you'll find in Divisoria and Baclaran >.<

My First Ever Digicam

After how many years of using a Canon SLR, I've finally decided to try a generic brand before buying something fancy (which what I'm itching for right now >.<)

Anyway, got a really good deal for this video cam since it has 4 freebies and their promo that time was: 1 gig SD card, camera case, tripod and a secret gift! :D (I am such a sucker for freebies). And, and, and you could pay it in 3 installments! *wink wink*

Well, as you can see from the pictures below, the image quality is okay for its price however, the BATTERY LIFE sucks bigtime! The maximum number of minutes I've recorder was just around 10-11 minutes. Take note: minutes. On top of that, the shutter speed is really slow that majority of the initial pictures are blurred despite using the stabilizer function to minimize the blurryness-chuva. It got me thinking that that might be one of the reason why free tripods are included in the package. lol. So, this is therefore NOT recommended for shooting action pictures and I suggest that you switch to video mode and get the pictures from it instead. Believe me, you'll just tire yourself trying and trying and trying AND failing.

I now have 2 tripods: the freebie and the 1 for my SLR. And I almost forgot, the freebie is a mini-tripod. The one that could sit on your desk kind (uber cute!). Just look at that cutie :D If it weren't for this guy, I wouldn't have gotten the cam >.<
And if you're interested or bored out of your mind, you may want to visit my photobucket account to check my other pictures and videos. Site link: http://photobucket.com/BetsyNodalo

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Trip Last Sunday: Pictorial in the Rain

Been uber bored last Sunday so my sister and I decided to go out for a walk and FORTUNATELY, I brought my camera along. Hehehe. Here folks are some of the fruit of thy trip :)

This is my sister and on the background, of course, is our flooded place. Of course not all of the pictures look like these! Here are some of the nice ones. Well, nice if you'll compare it to the others that I got.


I do have a few pictures of my own since I think it sure is unfair if I won't have a few shots.

Look at that! There is me shadow! Oh and from the next shot, you can pretty much tell that I am wearing something green that day and that I'm also wearing my flipflops :)

And last but not the least......

The Left
The Right

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pops in Seoul's 1000th Episode live in Manila!

K-pop buddies in the Philippines, this is OUR time!

VJ Isak and a special guest (tba*) would tape Pops in Seoul's 1000th episode here. It will be held at the Manila Film Center on July 5, 3pm. I guess this is their way of saying thank you to the Filipinos who supported their program. And not only are they thanking us, it also shows that OUR country is now being recognized as a possible venue for other K-events in the future :) Well, let's just cross our fingers and hope for the best. Hwaiting!

Oh, and before I forgot, the bestest, best part about this is that it is for FREE!!! And since Cassph, together with Arirang, will be organizing the event, you could visit http://cassiopeiaph.multiply.com/ for more information. See you there :P

Friday, June 13, 2008

NBC Shopping Made Easy!

I was looking for nightmare before christmas merchandise when I stumbled on this particular site which is just very neat! It is the wikipedia for shopping and google all rolled into one :) As in! All you have to do is just type what you're looking for and voila! It would give you the merchandise that's available and a link to different sites that actually sells it. Just look at this replica (A Jack Skellington 18in Limited Figure), I've been looking for it for quite some time but when I visited shopwiki, not only did I found the shops that stocks it but I also found a bargain. I mean the original price is 249.99USD and the site is selling it for only 79.99USD! I don't know what to call it other that lucky me :D (Have I mentioned that I just love bargains?!)
Anyway, here's another reason why I just love the site. My mama is looking for wet/dry vacuum since our old, reliable just died on us. If you try to search for it, not only will it give you the sites where you can buy it, it will also displays a buying guide! I mean, how cool could it get?! I definitely love it since I don't have to open another browser just to look up the specs of a good vacuum (I also forgot to mention that I am a geek on top of being a bargain lover ^^;).

So, to cap it all, this site gets full marks on my book ^^V

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Brand New Laruku CDs for Sale

I really need cash right now to satisfy my laruku merchandise cravings so I am forced to do this T.T

If you happen to know anyone who wants to buy Laruku CDs (original copy of course), I'm selling my copy of:

  • Awake
  • Kiss
  • Drink it Down
  • HYDE's Faith
These are brand new and they are still sealed! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a message or send an email or PM me (via YM/MSN) and I'll try to reply ASAP. Of course buyers from the Philippines are more preferred since there'll be no shipping hassles but if you are interested (even if you are from a different country), you don't have to worry since I will entertain your questions :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Failing Sight

Just got my new eyeglasses this month and the change was very drastic! From a grade of 550-600, it is now 600-750. I think I'll be a beggar if I keep on updating my grade every year T.T

Anyway, that's the reason why I have searched for some eye care pointers to remember (yung applicable sa lifestyle ko lang ha!):
1. Use the correct lighting everytime you read. (note: try to forecast the lighting style you'll use, as if pwede daw!)
2. Do not use excessive eyeliners or other makeup material for the eye.
3. Rest your eyes before washing your face (gusto nyong ma-pasma?!)
4. Avoid meddling with the eyes as far as possible such as rubbing the eyes often, or squeezing them.
5. AND place the light fixtures properly. Just like fine art lamps, ndi sila pwede ilagay na lang kahit saan :)

Anyway, I fervently hope that this would help or I suppose, if I do remember them, it'll somehow slowdown the degenerative effect of reading and stress to my eyes @.@

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Childhood Reflections I: Reap What You Sow

Hmmm di ko alam kung ano ang nakain ko (malamang OD ako sa chocolate dahil sa training?!? O.o) pero naalala ko lang tong paboritong ikwento ng mama ko kapag pinaguusapan nila yung mga 'moments' ko nung bata ako. According to her...

Bata pa lang ako eh curious na raw talaga ako sa mga bagay bagay at isa sa pinaka sineryoso at paborito kong subject eh science. Nagkataon daw na may project kami nun na magtatanim kami ng munggo sa dalawang box (labelled as A and B, malamang *snickers*) at i-dodocument yung mga changes na naganap sa loob ng isang linggo.

Sinundan ko raw talaga ang growth at developments ng dalawang box at kumpleto ang obserbasyon na isinubmit ko. Kaya lang, nagtataka sila dahil nagpagawa daw ako ng mas malaking box para lagyan ng halaman. Syempre naman, iginawa nila ako dahil kala nila school project pa rin eh. May itinanim daw ako dun at araw-araw kong dinidiligan at binibisita at kung ano pa (siguro kinakausap ko rin yun kasi dapat daw kausapin ang mga halaman para maging maganda ang tubo... {weirdness talaga!}). Anyway, matagal daw akong ganun at sa SOBRANG tagal, napansin nila na nadedepress ako dahil walang tumutubo. Tinanong tuloy nila ako kung ano ang itinanim ko. At syempre ang maganda ko raw na sagot "buto ng manok". Kasi sabi ng teacher ko, kapag nagtanim tayo ng buto tulad nung sa mungo eh siguradong may aanihin tayo. At isa pa eh ipinagtataka ko raw talaga kung bakit dumadami ang mga langgam sa kahon! WTF! Ang logic ko ata eh kakaibang lebel! Pero tama naman di ba? May sense kung baga. Ang pagkakamali ay nasa teacher ko. Ndi nya kasi nilinaw ang pagkakaiba ng buto ng hayop at buto ng halaman...

HAHAHAHA. Kahit ako tuloy natatawa nanaman :D Wala akong maisip na moral of the story dahil ang masasabi ko lang, MALI TALAGA TEACHER KO!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008


Kamusta naman ang matagal na pananahimik?! Matagal na dapat akong nag-post dito kaya lang natambakan ako ng mga bagay na dapat ayusin nitong mga nakaraang buwan. Well, di ko itatanggi na may halong katamaran na rin yun ha. Nauwi tuloy sa planner yung mga dapat kong ilagay dito. Kasi naman, masipag talaga akong magbasa pero sobrang tamad magtype at magsulat. Promise! Itanong mo pa sa mga dati kong klasmeyt. May sekretarya ako nung elementary at HS =) Siguro bukas, kapag sinipag uli akong magtype, maipopost ko lahat ng entry dun... Malay natin :)


Nakita nyo na ba ang trailer ng bagong pelikula ni Juday? Kung oo, aba! magcomment ka dito at sabihin mo ang iyong opinyon para ma-enganyo ang iba na panuorin ito! At kung hindi pa, dear, you're missing a lot.

Pero teka, tungkol saan nga ba yung film? Syempre tinatamad na akong magtype ng sarili kong summary kaya ipapaste ko na lang yung galing sa official site nila :)

In the picturesque island of Cuyo,
Palawan, an illegal Taiwanese fishing vessel docks carrying the fisherman named Muo Sei, a man looking forsomething or someone with the name Ploning. He has from sunrise to sundown to look for this "Ploning".

In his search, Ploning is revealed to be the island's town belle of the year 1982. A dutiful daughter to patriarch Susing, a committed supporter to grieving Intang, an honorary sister to extended family Nieves and Toting a wise ally to simpleton Alma, a supporter to broken-hearted Siloy and a co-mother to half-paralyzed Juaning. A woman so important that the townbarely notices the absence of rain because of her presence in their lives.

Despite her renowned beauty, everyone is puzzled why this 30-year-old spinster refuses to get married and still hopefully waits for her beau, Tomas, to come back. Tomas left for Manila when Ploning was 16 years old and there has been no sign of him coming back any time soon. Ploning's silent demeanor adds to the mystery and depth of love that no one seems to understand.. In the center of this, is a 6-year-old boy named Digo who has built his world around the affection and care of Ploning, his foster mother. But his entire world crashes as he learns that Ploning has plans of going to Manila to look for Tomas. Thus, leaving the boy with his bed-ridden mother, Juaning and his strict older brother, Veling. Digo trieseverything to stop Ploning from leaving and finds an ally in the town's visitor, the beautiful town nurse, Celeste. Celeste claims to have known and fallen in love with a man named Tomas and tried to follow him in Cuyo to find out if he loved him back. Ploning, with security and so much faith, denies that her Tomas and the man Celeste fell in love with are the same man. On the day of the fiesta, the rain comes and Ploning seems to be missing. Digo'sfeeling of abandonment leads to a tragedy that grieves the town. But no one was prepared for the secret that Ploning has kept all these years. A secret that exemplifies the selfless love that withstands blood, pain and even time.

Did Ploning choose closure with the man she has been waiting for half her life or the future of young boy whose life is not her own?

Will Muo Sei find his Ploning, accept the love revealed to him or continue to walk in hate?

Wootwootwoot! Interesting hindi ba? So, ano pa kasing hinihintay mo o.O? Wag ka nang papilit ha! I-click mo na yung link sa baba para malaman mo kung ano ang kakaiba dito at napasulat ako sa blog ng di oras! Hehe, promise di ka magsisisi.

Official Site: http://www.ploningthemovie.com/
Official Ploning 30s Teaser: http://youtube.com/watch?v=P9VPREtKDuo
Official Ploning 15s Teaser: http://youtube.com/watch?v=38CYTYmO9Wc&feature=related
Ploning Official Trailer: http://youtube.com/watch?v=JmDZTGV5x04


Di ako maka Juday ha pero kung papanuorin nyo yung trailer (and I really mean trailer pa lang!) kikilabutan kayo and you'll see what I'm talking about.

P.S. Jr.
Kung nagandahan kayo sa lugar baka gusto nyo naman akong samahan pumunta dito? Kailangan ko pang magipon pero whadaheck?! Kaya yan sa loob ng ilang buwan :)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Feeling Inspired to be...

I feel like being a poet today and since I can't create a poem in just a span of a day (I tried... and I failed! lol), I'll just post one of the poem I wrote for my creative writing class back in college. And I am not sure if this was my final draft but will try to search my data bank if other versions do exist.

Disclaimer: It is not that great or something but I suppose it'll suffice since I'm no real poet :) Hope you'll enjoy it.

The Forest (2004)

As I enter this cold, dark world,
I have observed peculiar things
Like moss and insects, trees and beasts.

I see their fangs, sinking on their prey;
I hear the shrill screams of the hunted
And hushed whimpers of the survivors.
I feel the dampness of death
And the smell of decomposition.
Running and fearing what I witnessed,
Stumbling and struggling, wanting to flee.

Then I stumbled upon a clearing,
Temporarily blinded by light,
And what I saw took my breath away.

Hollow barks hosting families.
A carcass consumed by insects,
Storing riches upon the ground.
An orchid perched upon the stem,
Embracing its lover’s body.
Death provisioning the living.
The living celebrating death.

The place shows the majesty of life
The show where we watch and perform stunts:

Of death balancing beauty and life.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Call Center Side Effects

Got this from Berdeng Mansanas' Blog. Kudos to the person who originally wrote this :)

Eto ang mga side effects ng pagtatrabaho sa CALL CENTER…

Sa sarili mo:
01. wala ka nang pakialam sa buhay
02. di mo na kilala ang mga bagong artista…. si mahal at mura lang
03. di mo na alam itsura ng mga malls…
04. sanay ka na ding mag English o mag coño!
05. kaya mong tiisin na di palitan ang damit mo ng 16 hours
06. at magtataka ka dahil sanay ka ng magmura sa mga amerikano..
07. tawag sa auto mo ay taxi, kasi palaging gabi bumabyahe..
08. lahat ng kaibigan mo may christmas vacation ikaw wala
09. di mo maenjoy christmas party kasi kaylangan mo bumalik sa office dahil may pasok ka pa sa work.
10. yung ex mo may kasama ng iba
11. nanghihingi ka pa ng baon sa nanay mo kahit mas malaki sweldo mo sa kanya..
12. kapag may national crisis at rally, di ka makakasama… pakikinggan mo na lang sa radyo…at kahit binobomba na ayala nung Oakwood mutiny, nag-cacalls ka parin kasi bawal abandon calls.
13. oo nga pala! dati pag nag copy paste ka sa pc, ginagamit mo lang right click sa mouse, ngayon ctrl C at ctrl V na.

Kapag nasa bahay:
01. pagka sa sagot ka ng telepono, lagi na lang may opening spiel…
02. di na halos kayo nagkikita ng nanay at tatay mo, ang tawag na nila sayo ay “boarder” at sinisingil ka na nila sa upa mo! (uy magbayad ka!)
03. di ka na kilala ng aso nyo
04. sanay ka ng kumain sa harap ng pc mo kahit nsa bahay…
05. pag day off mo na lang ikaw nakakapaanood ng Eat bulaga at MTB
06. gusto mo na den bumili ng water dispenser kasi pitsel lang ang nasa bahay nyo…
07. nag hahanap ka sa kahitbahay nyo na mga amerikano, australiano, at german at british…feeling pang international na ang world mo.
08. kahit may malaki kayong speaker sa bahay gusto mo pa din naka-earphones!
09. pudpod na tenga mo sa kaka-pakinig ng paolo “payatot” santos
10. akala mo may sarili kang locker sa bahay nyo…..
11. di ka na nagbabawas sa bahay, sanay ka na sa cr ng 15th floor or ibang floors.
12. nang ho-hoard ka na din ng tissue sa bahay
13. gusto mo na ding maglagay ng alcogel sa banyo nyo..
14. pag nag cr ka…sanay ka na sa gripo na automatic at toilet bowl…
15. nasusuka ka na pag nakita mo ang pc sa bahay nyo..
16. maglo-lock ka ng pc kahit sa bahay na. pag pindot mo ng CTRL + ALT + DEL iba ang lalabas at matatawa ka na lang sa sarili mo dahil para kang gago.
17. nung pinasok ng akyat bahay ang bahay nyo, magsisigaw ka ng HACKER!!! HACKER!!!
18. sanay ka na sa mga prank callers at mga death treats na nakasulat lang.. sa dami ba naman ng ma-encounter mong ganito gabi-gabi sa trabaho eh…”I’m sorry sir/ma’am if you continue to use such an abusive language I’ll be forced to terminate this call, please be reminded too that this call is recorded.”

Kapag natutulog :
01. lahat ng style ng pagtulog….maiisip mo…di ka na sanay sa kama…sa LAZYBOY kana kasi nasanay matulog
02. eksperto ka na sa power nap, yung mga 15min break nyo, itinutulog mo na lang…para fresh pagka kolls uli, mya na yung 1 hour nap…
03. mas sanay ka ng matulog ng nakabussiness attire…na mimiss mo yung matigas na sahig ng opisina nyo…tsaka yung malamig na aircon.
04. sanay kang makipagusap kahit tulog…pagtinanong ka ng kahit ano, tama ang sagot mo…ummmm naghihilik ka pa hayup ka! ! nag sasalita ka sa pagtulog mo, pati kols mo napapanaginipan mo, at minsan, sinampal ka ng kapatid mo dahil nagsisigaw kang sup call! sup call! sup call!
06. sanay ka nang matulog kahit maingay sa loob at labas ng bahay nyo.
07. sanay ka nang matulog ng dilat ang mata…kasi d pde pahuli

Kapag bumabiyahe:
01. di mo na alam bumiyahe pag may araw, nalilito ka bakit andaming tao, at bakit di na dumadaan ang dyip dun sa mga kalsada na 1 way….
02. pumuputi ka na dahil di ka na naaarawan.
03. di ka na sanay sa traffic. papasok at pauwi sa trabaho walang traffic
04. lahat ng kasabay mo sa jeep pag papasok ka, pagod na. ikaw lang ang bagong ligo at bagong gel.
05. naka id ka pa kahit nasa jeep

Sa mga friends mo:
01. ang tawag mo sa mga friends mo…dude, bro, coach, tl, sup.
02. pag binabati… ano nalang, pag kinukumusta ka ng mga kabarkada mo, lagi mo sinasabi ang opening speil mo!!!!
03. kinalimutan ka na ng mga kaibigan mo dahil existing ka lang pag tulog na sila.
04. nahihiya kang magpunta sa mga reunion lalo na’t alam mong successful lahat ng ka-batch mo.
05. sasabihin mo nagtatrabaho ka sa CONTACT CENTER mas sosyal daw kasi pakinggan at hindi Call Center
06. sasabihin mong tech support engineer ka, pero rep ka lang..
07. pag payday… olats lahat sweldo ng mga kaklase mong board passer. (8k per month lang sila) isang kinsenas mo na yun…minsan pa nga Performance Bonus mo lang yun.
08. mas malaki sweldo mo sa mga ka-batch mo, nagkakanda-kuba na sila sa trabaho nila.
09. pag nagkukuwento ka sa mga barkada jargon lahat. “avail, aux work, auto in, aht, after call work…etc. di nila maintindihan ang ibig sabihin at kung gaano kahalaga ang petix time..
10. kasi pagsinabi mong symphony, di nila alam yun. ako nga dito ko lang nalaman na may ganun pala eh..dagdag mo pa ang harmony at rams (yeah! program Cybertron yan!)

Kapag kumakain:
01. di na tama ang oras ng pagkain mo. breakfast mo ay hapunan na. lunch mo sa madaling araw. dinner mo pag uwi mo sa umaga. pag Rest Day mo naman at natulog ka sa gabi, magigising ka pa din pag madaling araw na. iba na ang body clock mo.
02. di na dugo ang dumadaloy sayo, kape na or ice tea. nung nagpaospital ka ang nilagay sayo dextrose na my instant coffee at ice tea.
03. maski sa bahay, mabilis kang kumain…10 mins ayos na!
04. marami ka ng naipon na microwavable container
05. nag kokolekta ka na ng mga ketchup galing mcdo, jollibee, kfc, yellow cab, wendy’s etc…
06. nasanay kumain ng pagkain na luto sa microwave
07. nasanay ka nang mgpadeliver ng pagkain.
08. dami mo na naiipon na stirrer(red) galing starbucks or seattle’s best kakabili ng kape.

Sa office naman:
01. tanong na mahirap sagutin … ” pag-introduce urself na, first-day sa etelecare -computer science grad ka-” ….. em a nursing grad ; pt grad ; psych grad. BAT KA NANDITO ?…akala mo…talagang computer specialist ang kailangan….kasi nasa ads….. hayyy hehehe… beep beep… di naman cguro eng grad lhat dito ha…pero matalino at magaling mag-english required.
02. dito sa opisina mo nararanasan na napakabagal ng oras!
03. papasok ka sa ofis na naka-jeans, t-shirt and cap (astig!)
04. puro ka-age mo mga ka-opisina mo, walang old maids and DOMs!!
05. lahat ng holiday pumapasok ka kasi double pay minsan triple pay pa malaki ang bayad…kaya lahat gusto pumasok pag holiday. –ilugan pa!
06. lahat na ng rason para umabsent nagawa mo na
07. master mo na gawin ang mag petix sa trabaho….
08. sanay ka na ang katabi mo sinusurprise visit ng GF niya akala kc nambababae, ka na naman…
09. dito ka na makakakita ng gf, bf, or asawa. wala ka ng time maghanap sa labas.
10. yung iba dito na nakakahanap ng kabit nila eh……..
11. Nasanay ka nang may katabing TL na hindi umuuwi. pagpasok mo nandun na. paguwi mo nandun parin.
12. Sanay ka na sa 6th day OT…habang tulog ka dahil off mo bigla tatawag TL mo at sasabihin ” Team we need to go to work at 3am today, we have a staffing deficit..pls cascade, pls acknowledge receipt of this msg.”
13. libre parking mo sa building, klasmeyts mo nagbabayad araw-araw ng parking.. hahahaha!
14. sanay ka ng magyosi o umidlip pag alas dos at alas kwuatro ng umaga
15. favorite hang out place mo seven eleven o mini stop na…
16. dito ka lang makakakita ng pinagsama samang tinda na : medyas, vitamins, christmas lights, cologne. yosi, siomai at lahat ng klase ng pagkain, relos, kalendaryo, stuff toys, make up, kikay kit, deodorant, kwintas, sasakyan, camera, video, audio, foot spa , milk spa, bags wallet, sinturon, mamon, hamon,
17. d2 ka n sa opisina nakabili lahat ng gamit mo.. -2nd hand celfon - 2nd hand pc - sabon - shampoo -sapatos - tocino - longganisa - hikaw - magazine - tv - ref - aso - libro - tshirt - pants - prepaid card - vcd - dvd -yema pati apartment d2 ka nakuha
18. kahit syampoo ng kabayo meron… hahahaha
19. carenderia mo sa pantry na!
20. nakakita ka ng artista na nagbebenta ng pagkain sa pantry.
21. tapos yung fud magtatake out ka na lang. dito mo na lang sa office kakainin.
22. d2 ka na expose sa tapa king, zuppa, yellow cab, jugnos, bermuda hotel’s pancit canton, wendy’s. north park, star bucks,
23. na inlove ka nsa kape…
24. Di ka na marunong magtimpla ng kape manually, sanay kna kasi na isang pindot lang may coffee ka na, pwede rin chocolate mocha, coffe cream, hot chocolate, cafe latte, coffee mocha.
25. Ang vendo machine masaya gamitin, drink all you can tinawag na vendo pero free itow!
26. ice tea ka lang, mga kasama mo.. beer!! syet! bawal pumasok ng amoy nakainom
27. d2 lang ako nakakilala ng mga taong ang tindi mangarap…lalo na pagdating sa mga babae…hehehe!!! dami kasi magaganda!

Sa internet cafe:
01. ayaw mo nang pumasok sa internet cafe!
02. puro kalyo na wrist at daliri mo.
03. dati 1 word per minute ka kabilis magtype, mgayon 2 words per minute.
04 sanay ka ng magcopy and paste.
05. madalas nagcocommunicate mga tao sa Outlook nalang…hala sige! spamming! kasi nire-reserve mo voice mo for your next long call.
06. sawa ka na internet kasi sa trabaho panay ang browsing..

Hay naku!

Kababalik ko lang mula sa isang mahabang bakasyon. As in bakasyon talaga dahil wala akong ginagawa kundi kumain, matulog at tumunganga Kahit gusto ko mang sabihin na nagenjoy ako dahil di ko kailangang pumasok sa office at magmarathon araw-araw papasok, sobrang na-bato naman ako. Nagkataon kasi na masama ang pakiramdam ko nun at madalas akong mahilo kapag naglalalabas ng bahay kaya ayun nasayang lang ang VL ko

Buhay nga naman...

Saturday, February 9, 2008

An Angel Saved my HD

I've been having some security access issues with my external HD since last October. I have consulted several people from our IT department and other friends and the only option they gave me is that I have to reformat it so access would be back to normal.

I was feeling really defeated after several months of searching for a solution and was about to say byebye to 200G worth of files when suddenly, an old friend sent an instant message and asked if I have already fixed THAT particular issue. Suffice it to say that I pour all of my woes. After my long and winding tirade, he said that he'll take care of it and after just a few minutes, VOILA! It is back to normal with all the files intact! :D Makes me wonder how the hell did he knew what to do and whywhyWHY do some people in our IT department so freaking clueless?!

Anyway, back to the original plot. I cried. Who wouldn't?! I mean that is about a year's worth of download saved at the nick of time!!! As in I'm super happy to the nth level that day and all thanks to my techy angel <3

I'd like to express my outmost thanks AGAIN to my techy Angel, Donald :) Million thanks and mwahmwahmwah!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Free Anime Music Anyone?

Part 1

I know there are a lot of guys out there who very much spend more surfing hours looking for anime OSTs instead of downloading them. AND since popular sites such as esnips and multiply have removed downloading option, it looks as if things are going downhill for us... But worry not since I'm going to give you several links where all you need is register and voila!

My absolute favorite would be gendou. It contains a lot of mp3s with different versions such as tv cut, karaoke and other remix. The only exception would be the ones on their black list due to copyright issue. And here is the said blacklist:

Just a reminder: the above list are the ones NOT there and not the only ones available.

Well, what are you waiting for? Take a visit and be amazed :) And don't forget, this is only the music download part. There are tons of other stuff you could do on their site.


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Goodbye Hiatus!

I'm finally back :) Been swamped with stuff for an office-related activity that I wasn't able to view my site *not to mention my emails* for weeks!

Well, I just hope that I won't be THAT engrossed again and I promise *again* that I'll post at least twice per week :)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Top-Calibre Art Works and Photos

I just can't believe the talent of these people! I do love photography and all but I'm afraid that my work is VERY far from theirs. One look at their gallery and you'll see that they not only love what they're doing: they have passion and dedication. You'll see the perfect play of the elements and I, for one, can't help but be amazed and be inspired into DOING something! I mean the first thing I did after viewing their gallery is to send an email to my artsy-fartsy friends and to post it here (hehe). Well, I might be exagerrating but why don't you see for yourself? But what I can definitely say is that their works is at par with international artists.



The author/owner of the first site also sells accessories and dress that's for gothic lolita lovers! So, if you're interested or just want to view her items, better check her site :)