Saturday, February 9, 2008

An Angel Saved my HD

I've been having some security access issues with my external HD since last October. I have consulted several people from our IT department and other friends and the only option they gave me is that I have to reformat it so access would be back to normal.

I was feeling really defeated after several months of searching for a solution and was about to say byebye to 200G worth of files when suddenly, an old friend sent an instant message and asked if I have already fixed THAT particular issue. Suffice it to say that I pour all of my woes. After my long and winding tirade, he said that he'll take care of it and after just a few minutes, VOILA! It is back to normal with all the files intact! :D Makes me wonder how the hell did he knew what to do and whywhyWHY do some people in our IT department so freaking clueless?!

Anyway, back to the original plot. I cried. Who wouldn't?! I mean that is about a year's worth of download saved at the nick of time!!! As in I'm super happy to the nth level that day and all thanks to my techy angel <3

I'd like to express my outmost thanks AGAIN to my techy Angel, Donald :) Million thanks and mwahmwahmwah!!!


Anino said...

Kapag may nagpadala ng USTSCANDAL.huwag mong tanggapin dahil virus yan.Sa YAHOOCHAT iyan.Mag-ingat.

Holy Kamote said...

filesystem lang cguro yung nacorrupt. hindi naman talaga kelangan reformat na agad ang solusyon.

buti may mahusay kang IT friend.