Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I forgot that I have one. It's really funny. It doesn't even have ANYTHING!



Sometimes, I feel as if this is really assuring. Makes me feel as if no one is looking at my posts so I could just put anything here and don't care about the grammar, spelling and language. Makes me feel really free even if in fact I'm not - we're not. But sometimes, it bothers me kasi no one even cares about my thought... Well, ganun talaga. Weather, weather lang and minsan we're in the mood to be senti :)

Angst from My So-called Weekend

I'm supposed to have a very busy weekend: attend the Blogger Fiesta event where I can hone my blog writing skills and at the same time expand my network; write an article or two on my blog; pick up my puzzle reservation; claim another voucher (guess for what? :P); and clean my room. Basically spend it away from the office. But alas! A well laid out plan was flushed down the drain with just one message. I suppose, just like rules are made to be broken, plans are made to be... changed. Just like a draft that only gets finalised once you do the act. *sigh*


I receive a last minute advise that we have to re-shoot our video entry for an office contest and it is supposed to take about 4 hours. As if! The last time, we spent more than 5 hours and I don't think this one will be shorter. I really, really hate this contest now that they've changed the contest format! GRAWR!!!


Learnings. I have to remind myself to like this or else I'll end up as one of those weird guys in a straight jacket. Hehehe. So what are the learnings I got:
+ Proper use of make-up. Oohlala!
+ Checking my existing network as some of them were pioneers in the blogging sphere and are really good writers.
+ Connected to the one above, reconnect with old friends :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blogger Fiesta in Manila

Who would have thought that even bloggers have these type of event these days?! Hehe. Just happen to stumble upon an old friend's post, Azrael, whom I met way back during my Juujiro days. The event will be on the 20th of August at SM Cyberzone, SM North EDSA and the entrace is absolutely FREE.

Hope to meet a lot of people there who are also interested in blogging. If you're one of those, just visit their site or click here to register

Manila Bloggers