Thursday, July 17, 2008

Losing Something Important and Gaining Unnecessary Stuff

About a week ago, I lost my player due to negligence on my part. I feel very bleak that time because I'm one of those people who can't function without listening to any music and it is my fault so I don't even bother thinking about replacing it. Looking back, I've already lost a couple of players including a second gen shuffle and my first ever generic mp3 player and even if all of them are really cheap and common, I still bought it from money that I earned! WAH!! I guess my family sensed my mood and my sister decided that she'll lend me her nano until I have enough to buy a new one <3

My only issue is that I'm quite meticulous in searching for something that involve players and cameras and I usually spent days surfing sites such as shopwiki and tipidpc and other similar shopping/reference sites that not only show where you could purchase the item but they also have guides and forums where you could post your questions and check infos on the product you want. It is time consuming but it is worth it. AND I MEAN IT!

I just really wish that my sister won't miss it after a month or so since this is how long I take take to review and make decisions for gadgets like these...


Because of many sleepless nights thinking of who might have taken my player, where could we practice for the dance competition AND how could I attend the practice sessions, I somehow gathered several temporary "moles" in my forehead. I'm talking about pimples here okay! @.@ They're ugly, they're big and I have a lot of them now! WAH! It looks like my forehead is experiencing a very fruitful harvest season for pimples >.<

Thank goodness for my sister whom we also call the health and beauty guru (HAHAHA), the pimples population seem to be in control right now. Let's just hope that come contest day, they'll be GONE!


And speaking of health and beauty, we've just discovered this makeup brand that is really cheap but does wonders! You should check out E.L.F. ( They have a wide range of products that's very easy on the budget :) For the actual buying part, if you prefer to do your shopping online, you may visit their site or shopwiki. However if you prefer to visit the mall and try it first, they're available in SM Department stores :P