Friday, June 13, 2008

NBC Shopping Made Easy!

I was looking for nightmare before christmas merchandise when I stumbled on this particular site which is just very neat! It is the wikipedia for shopping and google all rolled into one :) As in! All you have to do is just type what you're looking for and voila! It would give you the merchandise that's available and a link to different sites that actually sells it. Just look at this replica (A Jack Skellington 18in Limited Figure), I've been looking for it for quite some time but when I visited shopwiki, not only did I found the shops that stocks it but I also found a bargain. I mean the original price is 249.99USD and the site is selling it for only 79.99USD! I don't know what to call it other that lucky me :D (Have I mentioned that I just love bargains?!)
Anyway, here's another reason why I just love the site. My mama is looking for wet/dry vacuum since our old, reliable just died on us. If you try to search for it, not only will it give you the sites where you can buy it, it will also displays a buying guide! I mean, how cool could it get?! I definitely love it since I don't have to open another browser just to look up the specs of a good vacuum (I also forgot to mention that I am a geek on top of being a bargain lover ^^;).

So, to cap it all, this site gets full marks on my book ^^V