Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Ferris Wheel I've been Looking for

After a long time of asking fellow toy collectors about a ferris wheel toy free with every Happy Meal between 2000-2003, I was able to locate someone who is selling it. But first of, let me show you what it actually looks like...


The model on the right is a little bit small since you'll need a total of 50 set to create the ultimate ferris wheel model. I just wish that I have kept the brochure so that I could upload it >.<

Anyway, I'll contact the seller and check how many set he has and how much of course since if he'll charge a very ridiculous price, then I'll just settle for the building kits that you'll find in Divisoria and Baclaran >.<

My First Ever Digicam

After how many years of using a Canon SLR, I've finally decided to try a generic brand before buying something fancy (which what I'm itching for right now >.<)

Anyway, got a really good deal for this video cam since it has 4 freebies and their promo that time was: 1 gig SD card, camera case, tripod and a secret gift! :D (I am such a sucker for freebies). And, and, and you could pay it in 3 installments! *wink wink*

Well, as you can see from the pictures below, the image quality is okay for its price however, the BATTERY LIFE sucks bigtime! The maximum number of minutes I've recorder was just around 10-11 minutes. Take note: minutes. On top of that, the shutter speed is really slow that majority of the initial pictures are blurred despite using the stabilizer function to minimize the blurryness-chuva. It got me thinking that that might be one of the reason why free tripods are included in the package. lol. So, this is therefore NOT recommended for shooting action pictures and I suggest that you switch to video mode and get the pictures from it instead. Believe me, you'll just tire yourself trying and trying and trying AND failing.

I now have 2 tripods: the freebie and the 1 for my SLR. And I almost forgot, the freebie is a mini-tripod. The one that could sit on your desk kind (uber cute!). Just look at that cutie :D If it weren't for this guy, I wouldn't have gotten the cam >.<
And if you're interested or bored out of your mind, you may want to visit my photobucket account to check my other pictures and videos. Site link:

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Trip Last Sunday: Pictorial in the Rain

Been uber bored last Sunday so my sister and I decided to go out for a walk and FORTUNATELY, I brought my camera along. Hehehe. Here folks are some of the fruit of thy trip :)

This is my sister and on the background, of course, is our flooded place. Of course not all of the pictures look like these! Here are some of the nice ones. Well, nice if you'll compare it to the others that I got.


I do have a few pictures of my own since I think it sure is unfair if I won't have a few shots.

Look at that! There is me shadow! Oh and from the next shot, you can pretty much tell that I am wearing something green that day and that I'm also wearing my flipflops :)

And last but not the least......

The Left
The Right

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pops in Seoul's 1000th Episode live in Manila!

K-pop buddies in the Philippines, this is OUR time!

VJ Isak and a special guest (tba*) would tape Pops in Seoul's 1000th episode here. It will be held at the Manila Film Center on July 5, 3pm. I guess this is their way of saying thank you to the Filipinos who supported their program. And not only are they thanking us, it also shows that OUR country is now being recognized as a possible venue for other K-events in the future :) Well, let's just cross our fingers and hope for the best. Hwaiting!

Oh, and before I forgot, the bestest, best part about this is that it is for FREE!!! And since Cassph, together with Arirang, will be organizing the event, you could visit for more information. See you there :P

Friday, June 13, 2008

NBC Shopping Made Easy!

I was looking for nightmare before christmas merchandise when I stumbled on this particular site which is just very neat! It is the wikipedia for shopping and google all rolled into one :) As in! All you have to do is just type what you're looking for and voila! It would give you the merchandise that's available and a link to different sites that actually sells it. Just look at this replica (A Jack Skellington 18in Limited Figure), I've been looking for it for quite some time but when I visited shopwiki, not only did I found the shops that stocks it but I also found a bargain. I mean the original price is 249.99USD and the site is selling it for only 79.99USD! I don't know what to call it other that lucky me :D (Have I mentioned that I just love bargains?!)
Anyway, here's another reason why I just love the site. My mama is looking for wet/dry vacuum since our old, reliable just died on us. If you try to search for it, not only will it give you the sites where you can buy it, it will also displays a buying guide! I mean, how cool could it get?! I definitely love it since I don't have to open another browser just to look up the specs of a good vacuum (I also forgot to mention that I am a geek on top of being a bargain lover ^^;).

So, to cap it all, this site gets full marks on my book ^^V

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Brand New Laruku CDs for Sale

I really need cash right now to satisfy my laruku merchandise cravings so I am forced to do this T.T

If you happen to know anyone who wants to buy Laruku CDs (original copy of course), I'm selling my copy of:

  • Awake
  • Kiss
  • Drink it Down
  • HYDE's Faith
These are brand new and they are still sealed! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a message or send an email or PM me (via YM/MSN) and I'll try to reply ASAP. Of course buyers from the Philippines are more preferred since there'll be no shipping hassles but if you are interested (even if you are from a different country), you don't have to worry since I will entertain your questions :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Failing Sight

Just got my new eyeglasses this month and the change was very drastic! From a grade of 550-600, it is now 600-750. I think I'll be a beggar if I keep on updating my grade every year T.T

Anyway, that's the reason why I have searched for some eye care pointers to remember (yung applicable sa lifestyle ko lang ha!):
1. Use the correct lighting everytime you read. (note: try to forecast the lighting style you'll use, as if pwede daw!)
2. Do not use excessive eyeliners or other makeup material for the eye.
3. Rest your eyes before washing your face (gusto nyong ma-pasma?!)
4. Avoid meddling with the eyes as far as possible such as rubbing the eyes often, or squeezing them.
5. AND place the light fixtures properly. Just like fine art lamps, ndi sila pwede ilagay na lang kahit saan :)

Anyway, I fervently hope that this would help or I suppose, if I do remember them, it'll somehow slowdown the degenerative effect of reading and stress to my eyes @.@

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Childhood Reflections I: Reap What You Sow

Hmmm di ko alam kung ano ang nakain ko (malamang OD ako sa chocolate dahil sa training?!? O.o) pero naalala ko lang tong paboritong ikwento ng mama ko kapag pinaguusapan nila yung mga 'moments' ko nung bata ako. According to her...

Bata pa lang ako eh curious na raw talaga ako sa mga bagay bagay at isa sa pinaka sineryoso at paborito kong subject eh science. Nagkataon daw na may project kami nun na magtatanim kami ng munggo sa dalawang box (labelled as A and B, malamang *snickers*) at i-dodocument yung mga changes na naganap sa loob ng isang linggo.

Sinundan ko raw talaga ang growth at developments ng dalawang box at kumpleto ang obserbasyon na isinubmit ko. Kaya lang, nagtataka sila dahil nagpagawa daw ako ng mas malaking box para lagyan ng halaman. Syempre naman, iginawa nila ako dahil kala nila school project pa rin eh. May itinanim daw ako dun at araw-araw kong dinidiligan at binibisita at kung ano pa (siguro kinakausap ko rin yun kasi dapat daw kausapin ang mga halaman para maging maganda ang tubo... {weirdness talaga!}). Anyway, matagal daw akong ganun at sa SOBRANG tagal, napansin nila na nadedepress ako dahil walang tumutubo. Tinanong tuloy nila ako kung ano ang itinanim ko. At syempre ang maganda ko raw na sagot "buto ng manok". Kasi sabi ng teacher ko, kapag nagtanim tayo ng buto tulad nung sa mungo eh siguradong may aanihin tayo. At isa pa eh ipinagtataka ko raw talaga kung bakit dumadami ang mga langgam sa kahon! WTF! Ang logic ko ata eh kakaibang lebel! Pero tama naman di ba? May sense kung baga. Ang pagkakamali ay nasa teacher ko. Ndi nya kasi nilinaw ang pagkakaiba ng buto ng hayop at buto ng halaman...

HAHAHAHA. Kahit ako tuloy natatawa nanaman :D Wala akong maisip na moral of the story dahil ang masasabi ko lang, MALI TALAGA TEACHER KO!!!