Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Things I'll NEVER Forget Before Traveling Outside of the Country

As usual, because of my busy schedule, I was unable to post the details from our trip to Hong Kong. I've decided to split it into two or three. Some will focus on the concert and the whole HK experience and others will have the photos and the maps and other stuff that I got from there. THIS one however will serve as my primer (or a reminder to myself) as to what NOT to do/forget...

Before the Trip
We encountered several issues but the major ones will be passport delivery delay, choosing between a free place to stay [subject to space availability] or booking a
hotel, bagging the perfect airline tickets, finance and of course, the concert tickets!

Make sure that you have this before anything else! A concert or game ticket would be useless if you don't get your passport in time.

Airplane Tickets
If an airline have an ongoing promo, grab it and don't wait for others before you make the decision! It might be too late and I'm talking about several thousands here and not just hundreds.

There are a lot of ways to
book or look for one. The top and most obvious way is to look online. You may visit sites such as or the lonelyplanet just to have an idea as to what is available.

I know it is good to invest in a few quality luggage but lets be practical. If you think that the next time you'll need a luggage for travel would be five or ten years from now, then I suggest that you head to Baclaran, Divisoria or Quiapo and buy something really cheap and please, don't buy those bags that worth Php1x,xxx+!

Save up and plan! It is and will always be the best thing to remember.

I'll cut this short now since I'm already sleepy. But once my brain received the rest it so deserve, I'll edit this if there are more things that should be listed here.