Thursday, July 3, 2008

Second Post for the Month!

Isn't this great?! I mean I am not a blog-type of person since I hate writing and I prefer reading other people rant and rave so I am surprised myself that this site is still alive after 7 months (wohoo!) A great accomplishment for a person who took a month just to write a short description for a friend for their school picture book :D

Surprisingly, I find this really relaxing instead of tedious and it distracts me from TONS of issues that would only give me more wrinkles than I care to have at my age. Things like work, the upcoming dance competition, applying for a second job: these are my daily toxins and the list could go on so I'll just stop with these three, okies?

Anyway, another thing I like about my current "routine" is that I am forced to check my grammar! hehehe. I don't have a perfect grasp on any of those grammatical mumbo jumbos so please bear with a few errors here and there. In fact, I would really appreciate it if you could point out these mistakes to me :)


My post lately was all about toys, my search for toys and more toys so I'm thinking of shifting the focus on my manga and anime fascination for the coming months or so since their days are numbered*.

*Explanation to be posted on a separate title since my brain is telling me that I should sleep or else my eyes would destruct in 10 seconds...