Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Puzzles

Looking at my puzzle collection, it came to me that I should have taken pictures of all the puzzles I gave away! *sigh* Anyway, below are a few pictures of the completed puzzles. Will start a catalog of all of them including the ones I'm currently working on :)

 Birth of Venus

Norwegian Fjord

I forgot the title...

Another title that I forgot...

Sleeping Beauty

Times of The Day (I'll replace this one with the actual photo tomorrow :)

Art Deco Collection

I'm still missing pictures for the following: Sistine Chapel Ceiling (have to patch all the pictures since it's LONG), Napoleon Crossing the Alps, Waves of Kanagawa, Starry Night, Little Mermaid (definitely not the Disney version!), a few landscape paintings, maps, a few anime (Angel Sanctuary and Gundam) and unknown images.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Foldable Bikes

My interest was piqued by the cashcashpinoy deal on A-bike and boy is it a good thing that I searched for reviews! According to majority of them, it's not a good deal because of the uncomfy seat, the positioning of something and the other parts (sorry I'm not an expert on bike parts and too tired to search for the site again >.<), the need to use it on smooth city roads, the weight restriction, etc. So because of the not so good reviews, I searched for other brands. Who whould have thought that a foldable bike could cost 25k?!?!?! I think I'll just look for a different gift to give my mama this month. Something cheap BUT useful and would totally be appreciated.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I didn't login nor visit my site for almost 6 months and now, just wow! Everything changed from the tools, layout settings, even the screen where I key in my new post is different! I suppose I should take some time to familiarise myself with all these things before posting anything other than my surprise.