Monday, June 9, 2008

Failing Sight

Just got my new eyeglasses this month and the change was very drastic! From a grade of 550-600, it is now 600-750. I think I'll be a beggar if I keep on updating my grade every year T.T

Anyway, that's the reason why I have searched for some eye care pointers to remember (yung applicable sa lifestyle ko lang ha!):
1. Use the correct lighting everytime you read. (note: try to forecast the lighting style you'll use, as if pwede daw!)
2. Do not use excessive eyeliners or other makeup material for the eye.
3. Rest your eyes before washing your face (gusto nyong ma-pasma?!)
4. Avoid meddling with the eyes as far as possible such as rubbing the eyes often, or squeezing them.
5. AND place the light fixtures properly. Just like fine art lamps, ndi sila pwede ilagay na lang kahit saan :)

Anyway, I fervently hope that this would help or I suppose, if I do remember them, it'll somehow slowdown the degenerative effect of reading and stress to my eyes @.@