Thursday, February 28, 2008

Feeling Inspired to be...

I feel like being a poet today and since I can't create a poem in just a span of a day (I tried... and I failed! lol), I'll just post one of the poem I wrote for my creative writing class back in college. And I am not sure if this was my final draft but will try to search my data bank if other versions do exist.

Disclaimer: It is not that great or something but I suppose it'll suffice since I'm no real poet :) Hope you'll enjoy it.

The Forest (2004)

As I enter this cold, dark world,
I have observed peculiar things
Like moss and insects, trees and beasts.

I see their fangs, sinking on their prey;
I hear the shrill screams of the hunted
And hushed whimpers of the survivors.
I feel the dampness of death
And the smell of decomposition.
Running and fearing what I witnessed,
Stumbling and struggling, wanting to flee.

Then I stumbled upon a clearing,
Temporarily blinded by light,
And what I saw took my breath away.

Hollow barks hosting families.
A carcass consumed by insects,
Storing riches upon the ground.
An orchid perched upon the stem,
Embracing its lover’s body.
Death provisioning the living.
The living celebrating death.

The place shows the majesty of life
The show where we watch and perform stunts:

Of death balancing beauty and life.



pawdough said...

gusto ko yung poem mo . . . medyo mahina ako pagdating sa poetry - pero somehow, i feel your poem

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