Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Puzzles

Looking at my puzzle collection, it came to me that I should have taken pictures of all the puzzles I gave away! *sigh* Anyway, below are a few pictures of the completed puzzles. Will start a catalog of all of them including the ones I'm currently working on :)

 Birth of Venus

Norwegian Fjord

I forgot the title...

Another title that I forgot...

Sleeping Beauty

Times of The Day (I'll replace this one with the actual photo tomorrow :)

Art Deco Collection

I'm still missing pictures for the following: Sistine Chapel Ceiling (have to patch all the pictures since it's LONG), Napoleon Crossing the Alps, Waves of Kanagawa, Starry Night, Little Mermaid (definitely not the Disney version!), a few landscape paintings, maps, a few anime (Angel Sanctuary and Gundam) and unknown images.