Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Royal Betting and Movie Marathon

I thought betting is only limited to sports betting but guess what, as per yahoo news, the royal wedding is fuelling the wagers! The wagers' worth is small compared to a sport event but still huge and it's really funny as some of the wagers sounds really wacky :)

I suppose this royal wedding is a really good thing for UK and EU in general as it is pulling the exchange rates up not to mention share prices (Hurray!).

Reference: Here comes the bets


Hope the shares and exchange rate peak or at least keep on increasing til Friday. Can't wait to finally get rid of my RDSB :D


Because of the busy year I had, the list of movies I've missed became long! Think about this, I haven't even seen HP7 when I usually take pains to watch every movie of this series (since the 4th installment lang ha kasi student pa ako nung 1-3 and student=purita T.T) on its first or second show day. Anyway, because of that together with my very free schedule at work, I'm watching at least 4-5 movies a week and 2 episodes of Kuroshitsuji or Nodame.

Part of the first few titles I've watched is Tangled. And I kind of related A LOT to her plight. I'll post my reflection on that bit on a seperate post. Promise!