Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ramblings: Posts in Review

Our connection speed is so darn fast that I couldn't even view my gmail inbox using the basic html view! Because of that my moves are limited to:
- reading until my brain is toasted. wiki night so to speak;
- working on any of the 4 jigsaw puzzles I'm working on (walang pakielamanan kung gusto ko 4 at a time :P);
- cleaning my room which I really don't want to;
- or surfing pages that won't pique my curiousity too much that I'll end up with 10+ page open, very very light reading and not too addicting.

Guess where I end up? My very own blog! I honestly don't remember the stuff I wrote here so I decided to refresh my memory :) First thing that came to mind - what made me write in Filipino?! I mean nalilito ako sa use ng ilang words and mas sanay ako na Engalog. On top of this, natatawa ako sa sobrang conversational ng tone! Hehe Anyway, I've only read 2-3 of the post so will read the others later na lang. Laugh trip nanaman to I'm sure ;)