Saturday, April 16, 2011


The last 2 months was an emotional roller coaster for me - my cancelled transfer, my mother's illness and a lot of goodbyes which I really hate. And just this week I had to deal with 4: 3 good friends I've met via work and our puppy. Now, I don't know what is more painful -spending a lot of time with a person but missed saying your goodbye in person or minimal contact but sharing majority of your time with them before they leave/gone for good.


I think I never really got over the death of my father and it's affecting my ability to deal with any type of separation and attend anything related to death - family of colleagues alike...

I now think it's either my feminine hormones kicking in or just me connecting with my feminine self? Whatever it is, I don't think I like it much >.<


Hopefully, Dan will be back in less than a month so that's something to look forward at least :)